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idling, anxious

Writer's Block: Happy New Year!

Posted on 2012.01.01 at 17:32
feeling: energeticas much as it could be
listening to: I am dreaming of a white Chrstmas
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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Ahaha :)

First and foremost, to get rid of that dreadful cold. As far as I could remember, it's the only 31st December I have ever spent in bed with high temperature, natural illnesses in early childhood don't count. Unlikely that I have missed anything grandiose - the fireworks were clearly heard till 4am, just being ill is not my idea of spending holidays.

Next, I am absolutely determined to put an end to that hectic lifestyle of mine and start scheduling everything. It made me sick to realise how much time was lost doing literary nothing meaningful and how often, solely because of bad timing, I was eventually deprived of what I had been eager to enjoy doing. So, never ever would I budge without consulting my BPO - Beautiful Personal Organiser, not to confuse with business process outsourcing :D. (in brackets - to plan everything wisely is another thing to master - hehe) Anyway, a glamour planner is waiting for me to start a new life :)

Basically, planning is the first among my major objectives. Others stem mainly from my profession, preparing for and sitting more exams included, however everything would depend on how things will go in general.

A few resolutions of considerably less importance include reading and discussing 'The Gambler' - at least trying to work out what makes it so hateful; having the blog up and running and, probably, starting doing some sport :)

challenging, big_thinking

One sec / Hold on :)

Posted on 2011.09.24 at 03:38
feeling: anxiousanxious
listening to: The Tolkien Ensemble
The last few weeks happened to be extremely demanding...

I am determined to start writing into here in the nearest future, :) fingers crossed

Funnily enough, my vocabulary has shrunk to 'one sec', 'hold on', 'will be back in next to no time / before you finish...', 'will be with you in less than 5 min', 'bear with me', 'wait, wait..', 'coming...'

Indeed, I am... coming...

So, till the next time, or a bit later, just bear with me :)

mysterious, inner_self

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Posted on 2011.08.29 at 14:30
at home?: from inside
feeling: artisticartistic
listening to: Englishman in NY
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All the five senses are basic, it's great to have them all, but not essential... the only sense that makes all the difference and the only one that I hate being parted from is ...

Intution, solely...

it's the only sense that provides clear awareness of the world around...
it's the only sense that creates the most accurate perception of what's happening...
it's the only sense that lends real insight into the heart of the matter...

in a word, intution maketh man

how_to, teaching

Writer's Block: A stroll down memory lane

Posted on 2011.08.23 at 02:22
feeling: melancholymelancholy
listening to: Arstidir
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I am the one I am due to each day, hour, minute I've lived through...Even though the events are in the past, they are still bright and real in my memory, sad and happy equally valuable and cared for. To lose them would be a tradegy like becoming  invalid...incorrect, baseless, false...

Cogito ergo sum... and what is thinking without holding the point in your memory at least for a while? Not being able to learn something new, to experience love, friendship, joy (because all these feelings are impossible without a working memory) implies becoming more of an object rather than a subject...brrrr, that's death...

silence, sad

Just Wondering If t Works

Posted on 2011.08.20 at 04:29
feeling: sleepysleepy
This very post is about nothing, just wondering if it works, the first entry I mean)

UPD: no, it doesn't(

UPD: it DOES))

contented, tranquil

Away for a while...

Posted on 2011.08.06 at 00:15
Again away for a while, hoping to be back in a healthier frame of mind...

The best of luck to everyone staying around ;)

that's_life, eternity

Writer's Block: On repeat

Posted on 2011.07.31 at 02:38
feeling: touchedtouched
listening to: nothing compares 2 u
Which song gives you goosebumps? Good or bad-- tell us why.

Without thinking: 'Rain' by DDT.

Why? Hard to explain, like it speaks to something inside. Each time I am not sure what, either the lyrics or the music or both, trigger the deepest  memories, sweet but painful, causing a nasty bout of daydreaming...

however, I resolutely oppose singular in the question as fairly many songs provoke nearly the same feelings. And, a personal view of course, yet... it's impossible to draw a line between 'good' or 'bad' 'goose pimples'. Strange as it may seem, the song/music which  appeals to you most of all can cause both joy and despair at the same instant.

challenging, big_thinking

LJ, my page

Posted on 2011.07.31 at 00:42
feeling: hopefulhopeful
listening to: BBC podcasts
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Because of sth impeding my paypal payment I am now enjoying a paid account and I have to confess I rather like it. Honestly, I was thinking of upgrading my account at least for the sake of getting rid of the adverts which are in the majority of cases ugly. As it is, I hope to start exploiting the paid account in September, provided they will have managed the problem with paypal by then :)

at_ease, self-confident


Posted on 2011.07.26 at 02:20
feeling: sleepysleepy
listening to: The Tolkien Ensemble
Firstly, for no apparent reason LJ was blocked throughout the whole day. Needless to say it happened exactly when my muse incidentally popped in. Thankfully, I have another page to write in. While I was moving to Diary, my muse deserted me promising to pay a visit later, but I place little trust in it.

Secondly, under these circumstances the only thing to be done was to have a break, which I did. Watching TLOR together with a mango ice was an unforgettable experience, the only problem was the mango ice which wouldn't last long.

Finally, LJ resumed the access when I decided not to stay up too late, and I couldn't resist the temptation to run through a number of pages here.

With the clock hand approaching 3 am I'd better be off. My muse might keep her word for a change...

inspiring, burning

Writer's Block: Life imitating art

Posted on 2011.07.25 at 01:47
feeling: artisticartistic
listening to: Sting
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Which movie or book character are you most like, and why?

What am I like in connection with literature and films?

It's hard to say for sure....

Various if not totally different characters tickled my imagination throughout the years of extensive reading: Milady Clarick de Winter, Mary Poppins, Julia Lamberth, Scarlet O'Hara, Tom Sawyer, Natasha Rostova, Winnie-The-Pooh...just the few ones that spring to mind. Even though these characters belong to diverse genres they bear certain similarities, mainly in terms of positive thinking and healthy attitude to life. What really appeals to me is their creativity in spite of all mishaps and misfortune; facing enormous tragedy they didn't give up but would grab any opportunity to survive. Hope I am not altogether deprived of such firmness and a love of life. Probably, this may account for the fact why I can't stand Tess of the D'Urberville and the like... the way they aimlessly wander about taking no responsibility, lacking energy and strong will. (a bit of off-topic here, I am afraid :-) ) However, another character marked with the same devastation and havoc, Turin, is rather dear to my heart. For no apparent reason, he is constantly going wrong ways, taking wrong decisions, following wrong courses. What makes things even more heartbreaking is his innate kindness and thoughtfulness. Isn't it how it happens in general?
Eventually, this brings me to the type of character which, I believe, I have a close resemblance to, namely Thumbelina and Nellas (a friend of Turin in his boyhood). Sensitivity and delicacy, truthfulness and loyalty are the key features I feel very strong about.

sort of, hehe

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