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apprehensive, daunting

Writer's Block: Ides of March

Posted on 2012.03.16 at 02:16
feeling: intimidatedintimidated
listening to: Swan lake
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Как вы спасаетесь от холода?
I wish I were but then it would be not me as myself and caution are totally incompatible.
It would definitely help to be more attentive and could even give a chance of noticing something which is well-worth being wary of. The way it's going now the chance of becoming prudent is fairly fat.
So, in a word, I am blissfully unaware of any perils whatever they are.

Or, it might be not true altogether as there are issues I am not quite happy about, like future exams and looking for a job afterwords. Even more than that, I am constantly feeling extremely uncomfortable with all sorts of mistakes, slips, inaccuracies I might or have come up with. Probably, it's more about being a perfectionist rather than today's circumstances, still.... I'd say a pretty nagging thought...

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