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Hello Back

Posted on 2013.06.15 at 01:16
No, it was not meant to say I am coming back, no way :)

Just, it does feel funny to see myself scattered across the internet. Methinks should clear away all that ))


Hello, that's me))

Posted on 2012.12.01 at 00:31
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I have always had a grudging respect for those who know how to introduce themselves. It has always been my weakest point to describe myself, probably due to some lack of words) Eventually, I believe music could reveal more than words, so here it comes, my likes and preferences)) take it or leave it

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Mumford and Sons -The Enemy

Posted on 2012.09.06 at 02:54
listening to: Mumford and Sons -The Enemy
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Give me hope in silence
It's easier, it's kinder
And tell me not of heartbreak
It plagues my soul
It plagues my soul

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Originally posted by englishlab at Как отпугнуть клиента за 20 минут? (вдруг кому-то надо :D - раздача слонов)
Originally posted by maria_malena at Как отпугнуть клиента за 20 минут?
Пару месяцев назад ко мне обратился клиент с вопросом о бизнес-презентациях. Этот инструмент он использует для продаж технической продукции, и на момент обращения презентация продавала 2 раза из 10 возможных.
После того, как мы кое-что поправили, презентация была протестирована им 14 раз - из них 12 продаж сразу.

А правила-то на самом деле очень простые. Тем не менее, лично я не так много раз видела адекватно составленные и проведенные презентации.

В общем, я решила написать пост - общие рекомендации по бизнес-презентациям. Но увлеклась:) Потому что хотелось не  только дать голую структуру, но и объяснить смысл, и привести примеры. Материал оказался слишком объемным для формата поста.
Поэтому я оформила этот материал в pdf-файл и раздаю всем желающим.

Пособие я собрала из двух частей:
- Ошибки в составлении бизнес презентаций
- Ошибки в проведении бизнес-презентаций
Структура построена именно на систематизации и перечисления "любимых" ошибок презентаторов, то есть от "как не надо делать" до "как сделать лучше".

Да, вы уже знаете, что я иногда работаю бесплатно, и в этот раз тоже.
Как получить?Collapse )

Как вы относитесь к ЕГЭ?

Positively in terms of English in general.
Negatively when it comes to particular tasks and, more importantly, the language they use.

challenging, big_thinking

Intelligence Squared US

Posted on 2012.05.20 at 19:50
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Originally posted by kacho at Intelligence Squared US
Если вы уже достигли продвинутого уровня и хотите потренировать пассивный и активный вокабуляр и грамматику, а так же улучшить listening skills, расскажу про прекрасную возможность это сделать.

В Америке есть очень интересная программа Intelligence Squared US.
Intelligence Squared US - это дебаты.
Там собираются очень образованные люди из разных областей и очень сильная аудитория, и они обсуждают какой-то один вопрос с точки зрения "за" и "против".
Аудитория голосует до дебатов и после, чтобы увидеть, поменяют ли люди свое мнение после дебатов.
Это очень глубокие интересные дебаты, которые обсуждают очень разные вопросы политики, здоровья, морали и т.п.

Итак, как выжать из этой программы максимум?Collapse )

Если серьезно заниматься и пройти все 5 шагов, описанных выше, то на одну программу может уйти от 3 до 7 дней.

Вокабуляр будет серьезно "подкачан" и listening skills будут развиваться.

Пишите свои мнения о программе и сайте, и о вашем прогрессе тоже.

PS. Узнал сам - передай другому!
Продвигайте знание в массы, а то в русском сегменте я вообще не видела упоминаний об этой программе ни разу.

wondering, astounded

The Globe is Becoming Too Small

Posted on 2012.04.29 at 02:26
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Could it be a true disease to think that there are not very many people on-line and just after a couple of years on the Net you probably know the majority of them?

It's not for the first time that I've bumped into the same people, even though some of them have different logins. In fact, it doesn't matter if people keep changing their Internet names as it's the language they use that makes them identifiable.
Sometimes it could be too late, though

I assume, it might be a disorder or something, just I got tired of constant dja vu feelings.

apprehensive, daunting

Writer's Block: Ides of March

Posted on 2012.03.16 at 02:16
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Как вы спасаетесь от холода?
I wish I were but then it would be not me as myself and caution are totally incompatible.
It would definitely help to be more attentive and could even give a chance of noticing something which is well-worth being wary of. The way it's going now the chance of becoming prudent is fairly fat.
So, in a word, I am blissfully unaware of any perils whatever they are.

Or, it might be not true altogether as there are issues I am not quite happy about, like future exams and looking for a job afterwords. Even more than that, I am constantly feeling extremely uncomfortable with all sorts of mistakes, slips, inaccuracies I might or have come up with. Probably, it's more about being a perfectionist rather than today's circumstances, still.... I'd say a pretty nagging thought...

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Mainly On Money and a Little Bit On Happiness :)

Posted on 2012.01.15 at 22:59
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The social controversy about to what extent happiness depends on money is being fuelled by the current generation who are now deciding on their life priorities. These young people were born during the last three decades of an unprecedented economic growth ensuring their families a high level of prosperity. What attitude are they taking in this never-ending discussion?

It might seem an obvious truism that happiness from money is shallow and short-lived. Indeed, the genuine pleasure from an ice-corn on a sultry day usually lasts less than the corn itself, giving us a strong evidence on how quickly material values can lose their attractiveness no matter how desirable we found them at first. Ironically, increased affluence entails a rise in maintenance expenditures, which makes the rich seek new revenue streams. Entrapped in this vicious circle of endless pursuit of wealth, people usually suffer from mental and physical fatigue not being able to enjoy life to the fullest, let alone being happy.

Alternatively, the notion of money being the unique criterion for measuring welfare stems from the origin of our civilisation – our ancestors began building towns to store the goods they had collected. Throughout the centuries of human history worldly possessions, private property, luxury as well as the lack of all those were the major status symbols. Today, in the twenty-first century, money still “makes the world go round” being the vivid sign of professional success. Hardly anything can at once differentiate a hard-working person from a bone idle, a diligent and devoted specialist from a laid-back amateur.

However, this question has a good many more ramifications than on the surface. We do need money to support our families and to provide good educational opportunities for our children. Most of us would welcome the chance to respect the old, feed the hungry and clothe the naked and thereby ensuring their sense of fulfilment. That is what I feel resolved to warn the young people against. Being happy equals being free, so unless they learn to relish the freedom from opulence, they will never experience complete happiness.

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Writer's Block: Words to Live by

Posted on 2012.01.05 at 04:43
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What is your favorite quote?

A good many and various depending on the mood. The one that came to mind is by no means favourite but highly relevant:

"(M. Le Comte) has been in Russia himself, and knows what is called an 'uchitel' is very small fry"
'The Gambler' F.Dostoevsky

They say Dostoevsky is the most prominent Russian writer though in my case he was only another one in the compulsory reading list. So in a way I had a grudging respect for those who claim he is the greatest psychologist in world literature. Nothing of that sheepishness any longer due to this remark, albeit obviously true.

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